Passwordless is frictionless for your customers

Passwordless authentication that does not require dedicated experts or extensive resources to deploy and manage

typeauth - authentication services

Seamless UX

Avoid frustrating and inefficient authenticating and provide your customers with a delightful experience

Reduce Churn

Reduce steps and friction on the account creation process and benefit from higher conversion rates

Improve brand reputation

Passwordless authentication is predicted to be mass embraced by 60% global enterprises and 90% of midsize enterprise in the upcoming year

Better security

Avoiding passwords completely results in better security and fewer breaches

Reduce complexity

Elminate the business need for managing password storage and fullfilling password regulation requirements

Consumers experience increased levels of password fatigue and will turn down a company with an unfriendly authentication method

Consumers hold on average 100 passwords and express anxiety over the need to create and remember numerous passwords for all their accounts

Consumers have confirmed to quit online transactions with companies, because of password pain and authentication frustration

Accelerate Deployment

All-in-One User Authentication Solution

Magic Links

Magic links are a user-friendly authentication system employed provide a seamless and secure login experience

  • Enhanced security: Unique, time-sensitive tokens reduce breaches.
  • Simplified user experience: Clickable links remove password hassle.
  • No password managers: Minimizes potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Streamlined account recovery: Easy access restoration via new link.
  • Lower support costs: Fewerpassword-related issues save resources.

Social logins

Social logins offer a convenient and popular alternative for user authentication by leveraging existing accounts on social media platforms. Key advantages include:

  • Frictionless onboarding: Simplified registration, no need for new credentials.
  • Faster access: One-click login, reducing time spent on authentication.
  • Improved security: Rely on established platforms with robust security measures.
  • Personalized experience: Access to user data enables tailored services.
  • Increased conversion rates: Seamless experience leads to higher user retention.

User & Password

Username and password authentication is a classic and widely-accepted method for user verification. It remains a viable choice when simplicity is desired, offering these benefits:

  • Familiarity: Recognizable and understood by most users.
  • Easy implementation: Straightforward for developers to set up.
  • No third-party reliance: Independent of external platforms or services like Social or Email.
  • User control: Users manage their own login credentials.
  • Adaptable security: Password complexity can be adjusted to suit needs.

Rest API

Use the REST API to manage and control all TypeAuth features


Under development

SMS authentication

Under development


Pricing plans for teams of all sizes


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  • 1 application
  • Up to 10,000 MAU (Monthly Active Users)
  • Basic analytics
  • 72-hour support response time
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A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business.


  • 5 Applications
  • Up to 100,000 MAU (Monthly Active Users)
  • Advanced analytics
  • 24-hour support response time
  • UI/UX customization
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Dedicated support and infrastructure for your company.

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  • Unlimited applications
  • Unlimited MAU (Monthly Active Users)
  • Advanced analytics
  • 1-hour, dedicated support response time
  • UI/UX advanced customization
  • SSO (Single Sing On)
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Provides a secure authentication solution for businesses, eliminating the need for clunky passwords and frustrating login experiences.